Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS) 
■Disciplines : Agricultural Economics, Chinese Agriculture, Food Economics

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Professional Experience & Education

■ Professional Experience
2006: Project Leader, Social Sciences Division, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences

2005: Associate Professor, Department of Global Agricultural Sciences, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo

2001: Senior Research Scientist, International Information Division, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences

1999: Senior Research Scientist, Overseas Information Division, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

1998: Research Scientist, Overseas Information Division, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

1995: Special Researcher for Science and Technology, Japan Science and Technology Agency

■ Education
1994: Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, Graduate School of Agriculture, the University of Tokyo

Research Interests

I am involved in the study of Chinese agricultural and food problems, due in part to my Chinese background. As is well known, China is both the world's largest producer and consumer of food. Changes in food supply have a large impact on the world's food markets. Food supply is affected by government policy, prices, environment conditions (land, water, climate), and consumption preferences. Research in the field of social science must take into consideration the needs of the present society and current issues. I have conducted China-related research into the supply and demand and distribution structure of rice and other primary foods, changes in food consumption patterns accompanying economic development (rice, soybeans, milk products, meat), changes in the agricultural economy in areas near the national border due to the Free Trade Agreement, trends in supply and demand for livestock and feed, and problems relating to the overemployment of agricultural labor.

In recent years, I have focused on analyzing supply and demand trends for Japonica rice in the northeastern part of China, and with a focus on milk-related issues. Furthermore, I have commenced research on consumer preferences for Nigerian cowpeas in order to resolve food problems in Africa.

Previous Research Examples

1. Research into food supply and demand models:
I have conducted analyses of supply and demand forecast models for rice in China as a whole, using partial equilibrium analysis, and have also analyzed supply and demand forecasts for rice in Heilongjiang Province, a Japonica production center. Furthermore, I am developing models for each province for corn, and creating models that incorporate meteorological factors.

2. Research into the farming economy in impoverished regions:
The improvement of farm household income is essential in impoverished regions, and the linkage of regions beyond national boundaries is progressing due to free trade agreements and other factors. Based on the use of surveys of farm households, I have elucidated the effects of these factors on the lives of people living in impoverished border areas from the perspective of changes in land and labor use and farm household income.

3. Research into consumer preferences:
A gap in consumption has arisen due to differences in urban and rural areas in China. I have conducted quantitative analysis using broad-based consumer surveys, including those examining changes in consumption patterns especially of milk, and attitudes toward food safety.
In addition, I have initiated research on consumer preferences for cowpeas in Nigeria as a means of increasing added value to food products in impoverished regions.

Publication Highlights

1) Chien H., T. Sakurai, S. Muranaka: The Role of "Variety Name" in Determination of Cowpea Retail Price in Nigeria: Providing Information about Unobserved Quality Characteristics, Journal of Rural Economics, 2014, in Press. (In Japanese)
2) E. Kusano, Z. Shen, Chien H., O. Koyama: Forecasting Provincial Supply-Demand Balance of Livestock Products and Feed Demand for Corn in China, 81-89, 24(3), 2014. (In Japanese)
3) Z. Shen, E. Kusano, H. Chien, O. Koyama: Predictive Analysis of Nitrogen Balances Resulting from the Production and Consumption of Livestock Products in the Huang-Huai-Hai Region, China, Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly, 331-342, 48(3), 2014.
4) Y. Chen, Z. Wu, K. Okamoto, X. Han, G. Ma, H. Chien, J. Zhao: The impacts of Climate change on crops in China: a Ricardian analysis, Global and Planetary Change, 61-74, 104, 2013.
5) Chen Y., Wu Z., Zhu T., Yang L, Ma G., Chien H.: Agricultural Policy, Climate Factors and Grain Output: Evidence From Household Survey Data in Rural China, Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 169-183,12(1),2013.